Working Class Heroes

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“Working Class Heroes” is the working title for a collective project and exhibition of visual art works which acknowledge working people's contribution to the creation of society's wealth, culture, and social well-being. “Working Class Heroes” is being developed in collaboration with SERTUC's (South East Region Trades Union Council) “Cultural and Leisure Industries Committee” so as the integrity of the subject matter is not compromised and the event's organisation is assured. The public are invited to submit names of people they believe to be “working class heroes” - that is, people who raised awareness of or were instrumental in creating key moments that impacted on ‘working class’ culture • see Nominate and Submit

Artists will come forward and develop work(s) around a nominated name or event. All participating artists will be members of a Trade Union. The project will be carried out through a ‘management’ group of professional curators, TU representatives, sponsors representatives... A prime aim is to organise an exhibition of artworks to be shown in a major national gallery. There may also be an ongoing series of travelling exhibitions, or site-specific works, inclusion into collections or ... Evolution will be inclusive and progressive.

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